Interview with Jeff Larish - Episode 10

In this episode we talk with former Major League Baseball player Jeff Larish about what it takes to set and accomplish goals.

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Show Notes:

6 Steps for Accomplishing Goals:

  1. Declare Your Goals

    1. List everything that you want to accomplish
    2. Rank your goals in order of importance
  2. Determine What It Takes
    1. List everything that it will take to accomplish your goal
    2. Categorize each task into specific and non-specific
  3. Map Out A Plan
    1. Breakdown each non-specific task into a specific task
    2. Prioritize all tasks starting with the most important
  4. Build Your Team
    1. Surround yourself with people that can help you execute the tasks you have detailed
    2. Eliminate anyone that is not helping you make progress
  5. Execute Your Plan
    1. Stay committed to carrying out the tasks that you have detailed, regardless of your circumstance or outcome
  6. Analyze Your Results
    1. Success is determined by your commitment to your plan
    2. The key is you are getting closer to your goal each day
    3. Always search for a more efficient way, but stay true to what you know is right


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